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Leveraging the power of personalized marketing data, generative AI, and human creativity, Omneky creates X ads that drive sales.

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Drive More Sales on X
With Omneky's Generative AI

Speed Up
Generate at Scale

Our creative generation allows you to rapidly scale across multiple products, languages, channels, and more.

Data Driven

Our AI ingests your performance data and generates new creatives that reflect the optimal design elements and messaging.

Brand Secure

Our LLMs learn from your brand guidelines and values to ensure that every piece of content remains on-brand.

Sample X Ads

“Omneky uses AI-generated ads to save a lot of time, especially on static images. The future of creative is going to be about writing the best mini-briefs for the AI to find the best piece of creative and copy for your target audience.”

Julio Arrieta
Global CMO, Leap Financial

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