decrease in cost/conversion


increase in total conversions

Meet Debie

Debie provides its clients with credit tools for the digital age, making business credit versatile, accessible, and actionable. Their goal is to help more businesses find opportunities by uncovering and distributing credit data. Debie boasts an impressive track record, having helped hundreds of businesses establish their credit, improve revenue, and improve financial outcomes in this past year alone. As Debie continues to provide innovative solutions to businesses, they need to continue to find fruitful partnerships to help them scale.


Effective Marketing

Omneky’s sophisticated AI technology takes the uncertainty out of marketing. As a result, our campaigns are more effective and cost efficient. From determining the best copy, image, or call to action, digital marketing can be difficult and unpredictable to a marketer. Our product generates countless new ads while analyzing existing drafts, allowing businesses to better target desired audiences through personalized ads more likely to appeal to their customers.

For our ads generation feature, the user simply inputs their campaign goals and audience, and then Omneky will suggest the most effective copies and images.


Omneky’s AI Technology

Omneky's analysis feature suggests keywords and graphic elements that will help drive campaign KPI’s. Furthermore, due to the nature of data and AI learning, the ads generated by our technology improve each week, as the AI learns from previous iteration’s statistics. As a result, Omneky allows for an extremely effective and efficient automated process from generation to analytics to improvements through the power of raw data and AI learning.


What We Achieved

When Debie came to Omneky, they were looking to optimize for conversion events 4 steps down their sales funnel. This meant leads had to be high quality and high intent.

After 10 weeks of working together, we were able to produce high efficiency creatives powered by our AI and achieve a:

  • 72% decrease in cost/conversion
  • 8.5x increase in total conversions

By using an extensive A/B testing system, Omneky was able to test thousands of creative combinations and connect with the right business customers so Debie could scale their advertising budget profitably!

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