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Jobscan is an innovative SaaS business that uses AI to reduce friction in the job search and application process. They offer suggestions that help optimize resumes for recruiter preferences and hidden requirements buried in job descriptions. Jobscan wanted to use paid social to build an audience, but high cost/leads made it challenging to justify the aggressive spending push required to make this a scalable growth channel.

Jobscan had an extensive raw asset library with many sources of content to use in ads. After some initial testing, Jobscan realized that they needed a tool to understand what combination of assets led to high-performing ads. Omneky's dashboard insights feature analyzed Jobscan's raw asset library to find correlative relationships between ad copy/ad creative elements and Jobscan's main KPI: cost/lead.

Dashboard insights revealed that Jobscan's current media features were not optimized for paid social, prompting Omneky to focus on visual testing and developing ad iterations to identify which visuals correlated with high performance. Omneky found that the use of graphics in video ads correlated with a 38% increase in CTR. In particular, effective media features included graphics of people, robots, and computers. Omneky quickly upstarted the creative iteration process based on these findings, testing hundreds of ad copy combinations across these high-performing visuals. With a clear idea of what creatives worked, Omneky's generate ad copy tool (powered by OpenAI's GPT-3) was used to develop AI-generated text for both the headline and body copy in minimum duration.


Effective Marketing

Jobscan wanted to lower cost/leads to make paid social a profitable growth channel, but creating and testing a sufficient number of ads in-house proved challenging.


Omneky’s AI Technology

Omneky's brute force performance approach to ad creatives discovered key features correlated with high performance, such as graphics in video ads. Ultimately, this helped Jobscan decrease cost/lead by 30% and increase conversions 2x for FB ads.


  • Jobscan now has a data-driven approach to designing creatives, as Omneky uses computer vision to identify ad features that drive results.
  • Utilizing GPT-3, Omneky developed compelling headline and body copies for Jobscan ads based on audience demographics and consumer insights.
  • Omneky's ability to automate ad creatives and generate thousands of iterations of ads per week created a cost-efficient advertising model for Jobscan.


What We Achieved

With Omneky’s help, Jobscan was able to:

  • Decrease cost per conversion by 30%
  • Increase conversions by 205%

Prior to Omneky, testing ad creative involved a lot of guesswork and unpredictability for Jobscan. Omneky's data-driven approach to ad creatives mitigated these concerns while simultaneously lowering the cost of testing ad creatives

Omneky continues to be a strong partner of Jobscan and its mission to help job seekers attain their dream positions through intelligent professional optimization.

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