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Nelo is a Mexico-based consumer payment solution company. They allow consumers to buy their favorite products or services and pay over the next few months (instead of all upfront and at once). Nelo was growing quickly, and with the closing of their seed round (lead by Homebrew Capital), they needed to supercharge their customer acquisition volume and Facebook was an essential channel for them to deloy.

With mixed success on Facebook in the past, Nelo was unsure if they could rely on digital advertising to be a central pillar of their growth. Additionally, as an app-based product, the iOS 14 changes presented a challenge for them to efficiently acquire customers through Facebook. That’s why they came to Omneky.


Effective Marketing

Omneky is an AI powered concreation and analysis service that perfectly fit Nelo’s creative needs and data driven culture. Through Omneky’s machine learning technology, abetted by hands-on account management and comprehensive designers, we were able to optimize copy, creative, and audience targeting to deliver better results so far, lowering cost per app install up by 67%.


Omneky’s AI Technology

Optimization over time with Omneky’s dynamic creative ad testing helped Nelo successfully navigate the iOS 14 challenges for app install marketing and unlock a game changing lever of growth for their business.


What We Achieved

By A/B testing thousands of different creative and copy combinations, Omneky was able to optimize for the lowest cost, higher value App Installs. After 6 weeks, the dramatic increase in advertising efficiency meant Nelo’s growth goals were smashed and low cost customer acquisition was certain.

In just 6 weeks, we achieved

Decreased cost/App Install

Increased App Installs