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Jun 21, 2022

Linkedin, Reddit, and Snapchat Integrations

Our Linkedin, Reddit, and Snapchat platform integrations encourage brands to break into new verticals and reach new audiences in an effort to scale their growth. As we partner with additional advertising platforms, our customers can allocate their advertising budget better, helping them obtain a more holistic understanding of how to successfully implement an omnichannel advertising strategy. Along with these platform integrations, we've implemented platform-specific metrics, introducing additional sources of creative insights that will help you optimize your creative. For example, the completion rate metric on Snapchat allows you to analyze the % of followers who viewed an entire story, from the first snap to the last. Similarly, the app installs metric on Reddit gives you a better feel for how your mobile-first advertising efforts are faring.

A More Robust Workflow

Active Ads Feature:

It's easy to get lost in the weeds when managing your ads on Facebook or Google. But now, it's easier than ever to see all your active ads on each platform. Our active ads section separates your current ads by platform, showing you all ads that are currently running on each platform. This view of your ads will help your marketing team more efficiently manage brand assets across multiple platforms.

Link Button:

You can now select the "Link" button to paste any link and insert it into Omneky's DAM library when you upload an asset. You can add links from sources like Figma, your company's homepage, and Google Drive. With this functionality, we have removed all of the friction in uploading brand assets to our Digital Asset Manager. Are you worried about whether or not the file type is compatible? Is the file size large? All of those concerns are removed with the link button!

Subfolders Feature:

Omneky's DAM now allows you to create subfolders, so that you can spend less time searching for assets and more time creating advertising content. With the new subfolder feature, you can organize your assets into a hierarchy of folders. For example, if you want to keep all of your product images in one place but need to separate images of the same type (e.g., different color scheme), creating subfolders allows you to do that.

Export Enhancements

We’ve completely revamped our export feature! Here’s what we added:

Custom Date Range Filter:

You can now choose pre-defined periods or specify custom start and end dates for the data you want to view. As a result, you can compare performance over the course of a month or quarter.

Metric Breakout:

Get your performance data broken out either weekly or monthly to see how key metrics like impressions, CTR, and CPL changed over time.


View performance data for all platforms on a single excel sheet to see how each channel performed. Armed with these insights, you can now make more informed decisions around allocating your advertising budget.

Campaign Filter:

Export your data by campaign to pinpoint the ad management strategies that are working for your business.

Ad Agency Multi-Account view

Agencies on the Omneky platform can now link multiple advertising accounts to the dashboard. Specifically, view a drop-down menu to select from numerous customer accounts that your agency manages. With this new feature, agencies have an all-encompassing view of all of their advertising accounts in one place. This simplifies management and provides an intuitive way to review the performance of each account, as agency representatives can easily switch between accounts to view creative insights.

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